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A few healthy words…

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Among all the problems we face, nothing is as big as a health issue. Be it being anemic, being allergic to food, falling ill at every month of the year, most of them ignore their food habits and get lost in their professional lives.

Right now I stay away from home and that means I’ve to take care of my food intake all by myself. The problem comes when nobody stops you from eating junk food. At home, parents are there to see to it that you are fed well. Even if you need fried food or sweets they’ll make it for you.

But what happens when we are all by ourselves? An urge gets into us that force us to eat the ever-tasty junk food we get outside. There is absolutely no harm if we have such foodstuffs once in 15 days or so. But when it becomes a frequent habit we can’t stop its effects either. We get so busy with our lives at times that we don’t have time to have food even. Coincidentally I just came across a person last week who has a really weird food habit. He works in an XYZ company. The issue about him is that, he chooses to eat only twice a day. Worst of all he relies on junk food like wafers, chaats, and fried food in order to avoid hunger. When you look at him you'll know he's not okay. He looks lean, pale, weak and has several health issues. I asked him whether he has met any doctor and whether he has any plans of changing his job and his food habits. He just shrugged and said its a routine for him. He doesn't mind being the way he is. I was stunned for the moment. He knows things are not okay with him, but his work seemed to be more important for him.

My piece of advice and the lessons I've learnt till now...

1. Its true that work load can be too much. We may need to skip a meal or postpone a meal by few hours. But before any such situation arises just remind yourself that a “healthy you” is more important. Take a break for 15 minutes and feed yourself with something good. Nothing more is required. No boss will tell his subordinate to skip food. If he does, then, just leave a comment on this post with your name.

2. Most of the times we go for shopping and we tend to get the urge of eating something tasty like chaats, chips, some fried stuff or pizzas, burgers etc. My piece of advice would be, to go for shopping immediately after having breakfast or immediately after a lunch. Don’t ever go to a super market or a mall on an empty stomach. You will end up purchasing loads and loads of unwanted eatables that you actually need to be far from.

3. If your intension is to lose some weight, then don't do a foolish thing of skipping meals. Just reduce content of fat in your food. Losing weight doesn't mean that you need to cut down on vitamins. Rely more on fruits and vegetables if you really want to stay healthy and lose weight.

4. Food is something you need to enjoy. I feel "eating is a feast". But don't make it a nightmare by gulping huge amounts of junk food. Eat healthy and even if you feel the urge of having junk don’t make it a daily habit. Once in a month and in worst case once in 15 days is just fine.

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