Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A random write up !!

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Dear friends

It is indeed not a very good feeling that the Golden life has just ended and the real life will begin. Feeling very nostalgic :) Don't know what how will be my next venture. Will be blogging more till I start working :)

More random thoughts will come into my mind. More posts will come up here. Also more recipes in my cookery blog :) Do keep visiting my cookery blog also at I'll be blogging more there :) :) But keep visiting here since I'll be writing down interesting articles here too :)

I'm also blogging for the main reason being that lost friends can find me here :) :) And friends whom I'm going to depart from, can be with me here :) :)

This freedom seems sweet somehow :) :) Want to do as many good things as possible within this whole lot of free time I've got :) Want to write down better articles than I could write :) :) There are lot more aspirations I've got to fulfil :) :)

So take care :) Till I write :)

Love always


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