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The unexamined life is not worth living

Posted by Pratiba Bhat at Saturday, May 08, 2010

We all want and wish for something at every step while leading a life. Be it at work, at home or in a social circle, we all want to be loved and liked by all. I learnt, from a very close friend of mine, that each person in this world has three phases in his/her life which go in parallel.

>> Personal life (family)
>> Professional life (work)
>> Social life (friends)

Everybody wishes to have a successful life and a life which is full of happiness and satisfaction. Satisfaction comes only when you have achieved something that you longed for. This gets us happiness. A simple logic, but it is true.

Year 2009-2010 for me has been a year of ups and downs. It was in this year itself that I met a few very good friends, who inspired me and showed me the right way of carrying out any task.
I realized that I do have a lot of potential within me including my writing ability. I never knew that being a 22 year old girl I could realize so many things at once, learn them and apply them whenever I remembered them. Somewhere I have been very lucky that I found those real good friends.
There are some things that I have to improve on, which are really small to look at, but very important from the perspective of leading a healthy and practical life.

I just wanted to write it down somewhere so that I don’t forget it. I then remembered that I have a blog which I can open and read at any time and also everybody can have a look at it.

These are a few of those things I have to improve on:

• Get more organized at work.
• Sleep for only 6 hours/day.
• Learn one new thing everyday.
• Spend more time on painting and cooking. (Two hobbies that are my favorites)
• Stay away from objects that tend to frustrate me.
• Stop being lazy. (In terms of keeping my room and home clean)
• Stop procrastination.
• Stop getting disturbed over small issues.
• Keep a smile on my face always.
• I’ve gained control over my anger, but still internally “at times” I do get annoyed. Need to control this too :)
• Stop worrying about what others are thinking about me.
• Finish reading a good book, preferably a self help book every month.
• Stop complaining about anything. (It actually worsens things)
• Interact more with friends.
• Interact more with my parents.
• Stop gossiping (This is inbuilt in all girls. And I have to stop this.)
• Stop over analyzing things.
• Stop getting disturbed when somebody is throwing tantrums on me.
• Spend some more time with my parents.

The list doesn’t end here. I remember only these things for now (Thankfully you will not have to read more ;)) I will update this particular blog whenever I want to add something. Improvement starts from within, only then I can do something good to others. I can take the initiative of helping somebody improve only if I am improving from within. There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self.
This is what I wanted to share today :)

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Ayaan Arora said...

Nice :-) i liked the anger thing and gossiping. Gosh!! not only girls.. we guys too waste so much time in gossiping. ;-D

Ayaan Arora said...

btw liked ur previuos post too ;-)

murari said...

I guess gossiping can't be controlled by girls :)

Manju Bhat said...

hi, i like the article.. I too set so many goals, send every morning some GM quotes to friends but hardly execute.
Have to be more sincere in completing it.. nice writing..

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