Thursday, February 25, 2010

Never, never, never, never give up

Posted by Pratiba Bhat at Thursday, February 25, 2010 8 comments
You know, I'm really in a high motivation to write a blog today :) It’s like as though a hungry baby is given food to eat and suddenly it gets back its energy :) Wow! It feels really great today. :) Just feel like doing things I like. I just want to keep up to this motivation always! :) I'll never give up on anything, or else I'll be a loser by my eyes. Today is a day when I have realized that every single anxiety of ours has a tiny solution. But we, like fools, fail to realize the solution just because of the emotional garbage we keep in our heads.

I just wish people motivate themselves somehow by thinking of innovative new ideas that solves things that worry them day and night like how I did.

I do agree at times we’re really troubled by the thoughts and various incidents happening in our life. But still I think we can give way to the new ideas that want to knock our minds. We can gift ourselves with good and healthy thoughts. It is indeed in the game of mind. If we want a change to happen, I realized that we need to open all the doors of our minds. Choice is ultimately ours. Flaw in us gets corrected gradually if we fine tune our thoughts.

What we do usually is that, we allow unwanted thoughts to come to our mind and never give way to those good old wonderful thoughts that will bring so much excitement as I am in today. Of course, this has happened because I wanted to improve and I have maintained an excellent friend circle around myself outside my college life too. We need to be in the company of good people who would charge us up when we feel let down. Most importantly we also need to give company to those who need us during their tough times.

I get motivated easily, but that’s not enough. I need to retain this motivation. That needs me to recall healthy things everyday. I have to do this to stay charged up always. Robin Sharma says “Anything you do for 21 days consistently, it becomes a habit eventually.”

When you get a new idea, don’t let it evaporate after a few days. Keep up to your motivation to do it. One of my dreams is to build a platform for my long loved childhood hobby of drawing. Today I got a marvelous plan for this which I never had given a thought initially. I always had a thirst for enhancing my creative ability. Initially I wasn't prepared to make it my profession. But it is indeed fun if you have made your hobby as your profession. You'll end up putting in much more effort than you can imagine.

Now that I’ve shared one of my dreams with you, it’ll become stronger. I’ll be always worried about achieving it, since I’ve told it to so many readers around and this blog is going to be there as a proof. Good for me. :)

But for now I’ll just stop my write up here. It 11:00 PM and I’m feeling really sleepy for now. But felt very happy to share something with you. Thanks for your patient reading my dear friend.

Bye for now ....... :* :*

Sunday, February 14, 2010

55 fiction - “Not everyone can be an orphan.”

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An orphaned young lady is alone @her home, completing official work.




Someone’s knocking at her door.


She opens it.


There’s nobody.


She shuts it.


Another knock.


Now she shivers.


Boldly opens the door.


Nobody again.


Fearfully she goes to bed immediately.


Next day,


A note lay at her door,


“Happy Birthday My Child”


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