Sunday, January 31, 2010

U don't have a soul. U are a Soul. U have a body.

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Nearly a month it has been since I’ve written anything in this open diary of mine. But its not how much you blog that counts, but how well you blog. This time I’ve decided to share a small learning but still it has a very deep meaning by itself. What I’m going to write now involves the most important people in our lives, i.e. our grandparents, our parents, our children and of course, our inner soul.

What I’ll be telling you now, may be known to some of you. Well, I got to know it through one of the inspirational talks given by Er. Sujit Lalwani . It is indeed the best concepts I’ve ever learnt till date. Personally I’d give it a rating of ten on ten. :D

Ok let me come straight to what I’ve to say. It goes like this.

Imagine that your five types of fingers are assigned to the following people.

1. Your thumb -> Your grandparents
2. Your index finger -> Your parents
3. Your middle finger -> Yourself
4. Your ring finger -> Your soul (Your inner self)
5. Your little finger -> Your children

Ok. Now hold all your fingers in the following way.

As shown in the photo above, join your thumb, index finger, ring finger and little finger of both your hands. But your middle finger you need to fold and join them. Observe the above photo keenly. :D :D

Keeping your hands in this position, try separating your thumbs keeping all other fingers joined. This means that our grandparents will one day separate from all of us.

Again keep your hands in the same position and try separating your index finger. Note that you need to keep the rest of the fingers joined. This means that our parents too will one day get separated from us.

Again keep your hands in the same position as in the photo. Now try separating your little fingers. This again means that we have to get separated from our children one day. Again here please note that you need to keep the other fingers joined.

Now come the most interesting part. Keep your fingers in the position as in the photo, and now try separating the ring finger keeping the other fingers joined.

Keep trying……………….. Keep trying…………………… 

Now tell me whether you could separate the ring finger.

You can’t separate the two ring fingers, whatsoever. :D

Reason: Our soul will be a part of us always and we just cannot live in this world without our inner self. It is an unbeatable concept that can be interpreted in any way possible. Some people say that is a vein that runs from ring finger directly to our heart and that is why we wear the wedding ring in that finger. And our life partners are the most ultimate companions for many of us. Hence we can’t separate the two fingers.

This beautiful concept was actually introduced by the ancient Chinese. This is one amazing facts that I think everybody needs to know, understand and realize. Our life is fully driven by our inner self (our soul). All our desires take root from our subconscious level of thinking and we tend to get what we think at that level at the end of the day. So we need to be careful in what we think. Little instances of negative thoughts may come, but it may not cause much harm to the reality if your positive thoughts are much stronger. But extra negative thinking can make you pay a heavy price. So we need to be little careful in our subconscious thinking. And this reminds me of a saying which goes like, “If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. In both the ways you are right.”

Thank for your patience friend. :D

Sunday, January 3, 2010

55 Fiction :)

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My VTU exam will begin at 9:00 a.m. 

But I haven't woken up from sleep still. 

It takes me 1.5 hours to reach the exam venue!! 

Its 8:30 a.m. 

Oh no!! 

What will I do now?? 

But wait!! 

Suddenly I hear my mother's voice saying,

"Pratiba... How long will you sleep?? We're late for shopping!!


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