Sunday, October 4, 2009

The problem is not the problem

Posted by Pratiba Bhat at Sunday, October 04, 2009

It has been a good journey for me from the time I’ve started blogging. Friends, I appreciate your responses over comments and mails. This kept and will keep motivating me to pull out thoughts from my mind and write it down on this playground of mine. These are not just theoretical; these are the actual things that I have been working on so that I remember and practice the aspect in which I want to improve myself. That’s because learning will never end even if I would become a granny one day. :D All we have got to do is learn, learn and only learn. We can learn from anything we want. We can learn from our past experiences, our mistakes, our failures. There was a recent turning point in my life where my eyes actually opened up and I realized that I’m not doing anything to improve myself. I realized that I only used to make the mistake of complaining about the things happening around me. 50% of the time my problems would increase only because of the complaining nature I had before. In fact I would create more problems in the process. That is when I decided first to stop complaining about the problems around me.

We all have seen oyster shells that are found in beaches. Haven’t we? Let me talk about the pearl oysters. The outer appearance of a pearl oyster shell or any other oyster, for that matter, looks like an ordinary piece of shell. It may not look appealing for some of you out there. :D But it has its own looks and God has created it in the best way. It has a hard and rough surface with a random color and it is some what shapeless. But, every pearl oyster has the most beautiful jewel in world i.e. the “pearl” inside it. Similarly at this point I would love to quote what Robert Kiyosaki says, the author of the famous best seller, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, a financial expert, educator and a successful investor. He says, “Inside of every problem lies an opportunity.” I hope you now realized why I took the example of the pearl in the oyster.

“Problems” I was waiting to write a blog on this since it is one of my favorite topics and the most challenging one. But, why are problems born? What creates the problem? How many kinds of problems do we have? What are the different problems that exist? Many questions like these can be raised regarding problems. There are different kinds of problems. But among all the different kinds of problems we have in this world, the mother of all problems (You can call father also) is the “Attitude” problem. This is what makes the difference from one person to another. This is why some people are happy in life and some others are not. This is why some people get what they wish for but some don’t.

As I’ve already mentioned initially that I decided to stop complaining about my problems. But this did not happen overnight. I worked on it really hard. And it became possible for me because I wanted to make my mindset positive. Here comes the attitude. You know, I know, everybody knows that problems pay a visit in everybody’s life. I personally feel that problems are oysters in which there is something precious hidden. When you know that a problem is knocking at your door, you should know that it is an opportunity knocking at your door. Let me give you an example on this. Imagine a couple, i.e. a husband and a wife are facing a serious family problem. Now they can go ahead with the problem in two ways. First way: Both can get frustrated with the problem and keep arguing with each other on every silly reason and throw their angers on each other. Second way: Both can stay calm and cool. Think on how to go about with the problem. You may have noticed that the first way is a negative approach and the second way is a positive approach. The couple will not get anything other than extra frustration by using the first way. But, if they go for the second option, they get an opportunity to get to know each other even more and understand the perception of his/her partner. Even better, their relationship gets stronger. Next time when they face the similar problem, they could catch up with it easily. This is what Robert Kiyosaki means. Thus, even if the problems exist, it is only in the way in which one takes it or faces it.

There are some who have done so many mistakes and haven’t learn t from them. These are the people who face problems constantly and unnecessarily. Yet there are some who face a constant shower of problems, but, still even to this day they have held themselves extremely well. I really want to congratulate such people because they have become an inspiration for me.

The bottom-line is not the problem; it is actually the way one thinks about the problem. The problems we face cannot be solved by thinking in the level in which we created them. We need a totally different mindset while searching the way out of our problems. This has worked not only for me, but for most of the others who have practiced it. I would say, watch the video that I’ve uploaded in the sidebar at least once a week. (The Secret: 20 minutes video) It has a huge impact. I would say the core of everything is only the mind. “It is all in the game of mind.”

Let me tell this to all those who keep complaining about the problems they have. Troubles, hindrances, obstacles and problems are those things that don’t actually last forever unless you make it bigger by frustrating on its arrival. It is hard but not impossible to practice “Non- frustration attitude” when problems are at your feet. But let me tell you that there is the word “possible” hidden within the word “impossible” (IM POSSIBLE). The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem.

So as humans we have different sorts of troubles that may be shot on us by God. But it is only up to us to understand why God does it, because stars are seen only at night.


anupama said...

very good article dear... ur blog s filled with knowledge. keep up the good work. truly ppl consider that god s creating prob in their life... but its v who invite it in reality. :)

Ayaan Arora said...

Hey Pratiba .... You are a SUPER STAR ...!!! Theres magic in your hands .... :-) Seriously I wonder what food do you eat to write so well. :-)

Priyanka Prabhu said...

Hey Pratiba very good article dear....The problem is not a problem is a reality because the problem brings some second chances in our life in disguise...People hardly notice it....Keep Writing.....:D:D

narendra said...

hey this is narendra...from nitte ome i am blogging since 10 months and have never come across this blog???

hope to se more of you..have made a note of the link...

(soon there shall be a bloggers nitte)

have given a cursory look..will return to read in detail..

narendra said...

also u can help me collect the list of other nitte bloggers..could you drop me a the more you my any comments..

looking forward to meet you..

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