Thursday, October 15, 2009

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Posted by Pratiba Bhat at Thursday, October 15, 2009

NATURE is the queen of surprises and wonders. She is so unpredictable that we’ll never know what her plan is for us till she makes it happen in real. Believe you me; the manner in which natural calamities hit us sometimes gives me the creeps. I know I know I shouldn’t be talking negative stuff here, but still, I would stick to what I said just now.

When I hear the word nature a picture of trees, plants, greenery and garden gets registered in my mind. Personally, I love greenery around, especially around my home where I stay. I’m happy that I’ve a small and cute garden in front of my home which I could see and relax whenever I want to. Very small birds that look like butterflies keep visiting my small and cute garden. It gives me a sort of satisfaction to see that these tiny birds take shelter from rains and wind in the plants that I planted long time back. I still remember that I had taken a blasting from my mom for emptying all my pocket money in buying an expensive sapling from the nursery and planting it in the garden. Looking at the sapling she said that it was a big waste and it wouldn’t grow. And she was absolutely right. It never grew for one whole year. After waiting for a year, to everybody’s surprise the same sapling which was very stubborn for one year started growing taller. It grew taller and taller and taller and now it is taller than me… oh it is taller than my father too. My mom was apologetic about what she said initially and now she thanks me for bringing it home. I've uploaded the snap below.

Somewhere these plants, trees etc. are all related to this unpredictable climate change that is happening around everywhere. Take for example, the floods in Karnataka in the recent days which puzzled every person because it was a heavy pour in a region which is usually not blessed by rains. It is sad that everything that used to be green is turning into dust now. I personally feel, the only difference between the good old days and today’s days is that, in the olden days we had green patches everywhere. But now it is the complete reverse. Probably this is the turning point that led to all the problems which were generated as byproducts like green house effect and what not. The root of every problem related to nature is the disappearance of the green.

But in India, we have a wonderful festival called “Vanamahotsava” (“Vana” means forest “Mahotsava= Maha+Utsava” where “Maha” means great or big and “Utsava” means festival). This festival is celebrated for the purpose of planting trees around. But this festival also has lost its charm. Only the enthusiastic people celebrate this festival wholeheartedly. But, imagine the Indian government passes an act saying that, “During Vanamahotsava, every plant that is planted newly will fetch Rupees 100/- to the planter.” Now just think, what might possibly happen? Everybody’s houses would be filled with plants. There would be plants, plants and only plants everywhere. I’m not claiming that government should take this action, but this is how we are. It is only that we need a motivation for even doing a small job of planting.

I had an urge that I should have plants in my garden that would be taller than me. And it did happen. I made it happen. This is my kind of motivation that I have always. I feel happy that in the due course I helped nature improve. A lot of joy will be bubbling within me when I see the regular guests i.e. butterflies, birds using my home’s plants for their activities. I really love it when it happens. A small plot of land that looks ugly, dull and dusty can be made to look beautiful naturally by only making a tree grow on it.

An artist cannot speak about his art any more than a plant can discuss horticulture.


ಸಾಗರದಾಚೆಯ ಇಂಚರ said...

Waiting for October 15th :)

Ayaan Arora said...


Ayaan Arora said...

Its Lovely... :-) theres a lot of innocence in u i believe... u emptied ur pocket money for a plant.... very cute it is... and uve done a nice garden 4 urself... looks very green.... and hey btw do reply 4 the mail i sent u....

Pratiba Bhat said...

@Ayaan Arora Thanks a lot... :D :D :D

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