Saturday, September 12, 2009

A smile on a sad face looks marvelous!!

Posted by Pratiba Bhat at Saturday, September 12, 2009

Smile:). It’s a jewel that anybody can wear, anybody. No matter how rich or poor they are or how good or bad they are. It doesn’t have any price attached to it. It is a freely available gift to anybody who is sitting near you.

Personally if you ask me I love “not to” gift anybody anything that is purchased from a shop as a ready made material. It is the worth of your relationship that is more important than a ready made gift. I know I know, you may feel a little awful when I’m saying this because most of us go for ready made stuff right? I would say, if there is any occasion wherein you have to give a gift to your friend, or parents or your brother-sister, just try making something out of the love you have got for your friend, parents and your dear ones. You will see the difference when you actually do this. Your gift need not be something fancy; I mean that you can do something else like prepare some good savory for your parents. In case of friends you can always gift them your time. That’s why they say “Time is precious”. People who are close to you and who genuinely love you and care for will not expect any “material things” from you. If they do, then, you should know what to do. (I ask forgiveness from people who own businesses dealing with gifts. I've no intentions of ruining your business. :) )

When it comes to giving a smile, I think one should closely concentrate on this because many of us, including myself, forget to smile at times. Sometimes we even get stingy to smile. A smile on a sad face looks marvelous!! Even if you are not good looking, or if you have broken teeth, don’t bother, genuine people will still love you and your smile:) Smile is the best gift that can be given to anybody. You can gift a smile even to old people. They really feel happy. It could be your grandparents or even probably when you travel in a bus or train etc, you could smile at an old person sitting beside you. Remember, they are more experienced than the youngsters like you and me. They have faced and seen things. Never take them for granted. Oh!! How could I forget? Even babies and children love your smiles. Most of them smile at you back. Even babies don’t stop smiling when they are happy. (It’s a different thing when they cry) There are many more things that we can learn from children. It is a rare moment when you smile at somebody and that somebody smiles at you back. For a moment you will have a kind of joy that is unusual. Imagine you keep continuing this. You will love the entire day. The tactic of smiling has saved many people from getting firing from bosses also. So another major advantage there also.

You have the full freedom to be ever smiling when you are all alone. It is also said that “If you smile when you are alone, it means that the reason behind the smile is genuinely real!!” (The quote goes something like this. Can’t remember where I saw it.) Right now as I am typing this, I am smiling. This is a blog on smile, so I have to smile. It’s a great feeling. You can try this too. Of course, smile at the right time. Unnecessarily smiling at things won’t match with the situation.

You will enjoy the benefits when you start smiling.  “A smile confuses an approaching frown. --Author unknown”. Quote taken from:


Dija Aleksandr said...

i have cavities hehe :-) . yup i reckon the same too that a smile is important . it is hard to believe but when you smile a lot you get to meet crzy people who do smile a lot too and for a while it's awesome until...... your jaw starts hurting :-( and also the face muscles . that way in terms of physical pain it's better to be dull or sport a simple smile :-) . theere's a volley back to you on yor topic haha :-)

Anonymous said...

cool article, keep writing...

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