Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Parent's love is whole......

Posted by Pratiba Bhat at Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nature always has a stiff rule. Let it be any creature in this world, everything is a creation, be it insects, animals, plants, even microscopic organisms are a part of this universe. All are interrelated to each other, whether directly or indirectly.

We human beings also are a creation. Let me talk only about human beings since we all are. Nature’s rule says that nobody is born orphan. It is only through circumstances and situations that make the child an orphan. We all were new to this world some years back and now we are here. We all are here only because of one sole reason i.e. our Parents, whether you agree or disagree. If you disagree, then let me remind you that you learn t to walk only because of your Parents. You would not have been able to walk and sit in front of your personal computer and read this article if your Parents were not there in your life. (Let me make this very clear that Parents need not be “biological parents” always, but, even Guardians who take or took care of you could also play the role of Parents)

According to my thinking, God’s best creations are two in number. One is of course a baby, and the other one is a Parent. There is no doubt that Parents love their children more than themselves. This we can see amongst each and every animal in this universe. I always tell myself that there is no word, even in the best dictionary that can best describe the love, care, affection, concern that we get from Parents. And I don’t think it is possible also. The love that they give us is so abundant that, we, as their children can’t figure out what to do in order to return to them for whatever they have done to us. This is natural everywhere. No matter how much we try to give them back, I don’t think seven or more lives are also enough for balancing things with whatever Parents give us. Nobody can clear the debt of his Parents love. A Parent's love is whole no matter how many times divided.

But this doesn’t mean that one should stop loving and caring for his/her Parents. Love towards parents has to be unconditional. But sometimes we take our Parents for granted. We never even bother to peep into their hearts and feel what they are feeling. They dream for us, but still they don’t expect anything in return. Even if we are bad, even if we have hurt or troubled them, they will always keep saying to themselves “My baby is the best baby”.

Sometimes we even go to the extent of blaming our parents for our failures saying, “My Parents didn’t allow me to do that, so I’m not successful”. We also do the terrible mistake of keeping a feeling within ourselves that our Parents are our obstacles. This is 250% wrong. If you aren’t successful, then, you are the cause of it and not some one else. Our success is only in our hands. What kind of children are we? We always want to enjoy our lives first. How much of responsibilities do we have? The number of responsibilities that we have is definitely not as much as our Parents have. Our responsibility is to take care of them in their old age and give them a good life as they are doing for us now. Our responsibility is to utilize whatever resources they have provided for us, and hit a level of life one day, that will bring tears to our Parent’s eyes. There will be no other moment as precious as the moment when your Mother and your Father have tears in their eyes when you have done extremely well in your life, let it be your personal life or your professional life. And that’s it!!! This is the only responsibility we have.

Is it that difficult compared to what our Parents do for us? The bottom line is only that, we need not wait for any miracle to happen by itself. Nothing can happen on its own. Something should be triggered to make it happen. Life cannot change within 1 hour, 2 hours or 24 hours or 6 months, a year or five years. Life changes…… in one second.


Priyanka said...

Hey very nice blogs.........
loved every blog of ur's.....
Keep writing!!!!!!!!!!

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Vigneshwar said...

hi :)
just to let you know
That I follow

Ayaan said...

Hi Pratiba. This is Ayaan. Wanted u to know that im a die hard fan of urs. I just love your blogs. I cant resist from ur blogs. Everyday I make it a point to check ur blog. The way u write is so mesmerizing. I really wonder how u are face to face. Your friends, parents everyone who knows u r very lucky to have u around. And im surprised that a young Indian girl of age 21 is writing so much about human relationships. To tell u frankly, whichever guy ull be marrying will be the luckiest man in the world. keep writing. Eagerly waiting for ur next blog. :-) :-)

Madhavana Rao said...

Ur sketches are nice. So are ur articles. Keep up the gud work. :)

ಗೌತಮ್ ಹೆಗಡೆ said...

nice:)do you write in kannada?

Pratiba Bhat said...

@ಗೌತಮ್ ಹೆಗಡೆ Thank You so much... :D :D I know Kannada but very poor in writing Kannada. Not a piece of cake for me though.... :D :D :D

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