Friday, September 4, 2009

Volcanoes and Opportunities erupt at any time

Posted by Pratiba Bhat at Friday, September 04, 2009
“Effective people are not problem-minded; they’re opportunity-minded. They feed opportunities and starve problems.” —Stephen Covey

I came across this little one liner while browsing through the Internet and immediately, in a fraction of a second, I decided that my next blog shall be based on “Embracing Opportunities”.

It has been a wonderful journey for me, till now, as a kid, as a daughter, as a sister, as a friend, as an artist and of course as a student. Every day the main aspect that I look out for is “opportunity”. This habit of mine has helped me out many a times and gifted me some moments that I always dream t of. Thanks to my Father, from whom I inherited this habit. Whenever I felt that the chance that I have in my hand is worth exploiting, I never looked back.

It’s always said any opportunity, whether big or small has to be always welcome. There’s a favorite saying of mine from Shiv Khera’s “You can win”, “Opportunities are easier recognized when they are leaving rather than they are coming”. So true it is. We can’t afford to complain about flaws of any beautiful chance that comes on our way that will be for our benefit. Yet we do it. Complaining has naturally always been a favorite activity of all human beings. Looking at the benefits of an opportunity is a Winner’s perception, whereas looking at the negatives of an opportunity is a Loser’s perception. People even go to the extent of seeing the risks involved, although, the risks are not very crucial ones as the one that I will be mentioning now. Winners always see the positive side of everything. But every loser can get himself/herself converted to a winner. It just requires a “little” bit of thinking, introspection and a replacement of “Los” with “Winn” (Loser – Winner)

I would say life is also an opportunity. Agree? There will be both negative aspects as well as positive aspects. Agree? We won’t mind taking the positive aspects, but we are surely frightened of the negative aspects. We don’t even know when we are going to leave this world. It may happen at any time, a year later, a month later, a week later, a minute later, or a second later. It’s not even guaranteed for how long we are going to live. It is so ridiculous. Still we live our life, right? My question is, isn’t this a biggest risk of all? Do we ever sit quietly at home just because we can die at any time?

If this is not a risk then the problems that come with opportunity is 250% NOT A RISK at all! In fact “Every problem comes with another opportunity”, which means take an opportunity and get more opportunities for free :) This is essential, since all you Winners out there will have dreams of your own. Let it be any dream, may be getting a good job, setting up a business, owning a company, having a good family life, or anything else, I’m sure if you keep your eyes open, I guess you will find something shining from somewhere around the corner.

The bottom line is nothing, but, to be alert!! A volcano can erupt at anytime or an earthquake can happen in any place.


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