Saturday, September 5, 2009

Destiny bows its head when you start writing

Posted by Pratiba Bhat at Saturday, September 05, 2009
Never had I imagined that I had the ability to write unless I had accidentally done it. It so happened that I just shared a thought of mine in one of the websites of an organization. Shockingly it was appreciated. One of my very close friends and a critic of mine Rheana John suggested me to start a blog and lo…. it is here!!! What if I hadn’t taken an initiative to write at all?

I think we all have this ability in us. It just requires one to convert the thought directly into a sentence. There is no need to make it look very complicated by using a high level English. You can also write it in your own regional language. All you have to do is convert the thought into words which you will have to arrange in an order that will look like a beautiful necklace.

It so happens many a times in our life that the level of our frustration goes high and our patience goes low. At such a point of time some of us seek the company of our friends, some others seek the company of parents, and still some of them seek the company of God in holy places just to calm down the mind, some others have a beautiful habit of writing down in diaries.

I write it down in my diary too. This diary of mine is open to the entire world. Anybody can see it. :D What you are seeing right now is my diary. I have so much of attachment with this blog that it has become my best friend now. If I have to share something my blog comes to know it first before anybody else does. I don’t know how many of you understand it. It may seem a little awful. (For some) You can say I’ve got addicted to blogging. (In a positive way)

Once the mind knows that the thoughts are conveyed to someone close to the heart a wave of calmness passes through the mind. If, you write your thoughts somewhere (may be a diary), it no longer remains a thought. It gets converted to a fact or a truth. You keep reading through it again and again and this will make the thought stronger and stronger. Once the thought becomes stronger you will be forced to act according to your thought. Once you start acting as your thoughts you are automatically creating a destiny for yourself. The point here is that we all depend on the lines on our palms to know what our destiny is. Many a times I’ve come across people saying, “I don’t have any tension I have wealth written on my hands”. I only want to tell them one thing that, “A person who doesn’t have hands also has a bright destiny!! How will that person see his/her future?” Isn’t it right somehow? If babies don’t attempt to walk, they will forever remain crawling. If people don’t work towards their goals they will remain far behind.

I’m not saying that everyone should start writing blogs, poems etc... etc… But at least one should write down stuff in a personal diary. It has a genuine impact on the destiny. This is what I believe and I wish everybody believes…….

♠♠♠ “Keep a diary, and someday it'll keep you.” -- Mae West
♠♠♠ “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.” -- Oscar Wilde


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Very nice.....

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Well written. Your blog is really beautiful.

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Hey good one:)

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Good blog:)

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