Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Parent's love is whole......

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Nature always has a stiff rule. Let it be any creature in this world, everything is a creation, be it insects, animals, plants, even microscopic organisms are a part of this universe. All are interrelated to each other, whether directly or indirectly.

We human beings also are a creation. Let me talk only about human beings since we all are. Nature’s rule says that nobody is born orphan. It is only through circumstances and situations that make the child an orphan. We all were new to this world some years back and now we are here. We all are here only because of one sole reason i.e. our Parents, whether you agree or disagree. If you disagree, then let me remind you that you learn t to walk only because of your Parents. You would not have been able to walk and sit in front of your personal computer and read this article if your Parents were not there in your life. (Let me make this very clear that Parents need not be “biological parents” always, but, even Guardians who take or took care of you could also play the role of Parents)

According to my thinking, God’s best creations are two in number. One is of course a baby, and the other one is a Parent. There is no doubt that Parents love their children more than themselves. This we can see amongst each and every animal in this universe. I always tell myself that there is no word, even in the best dictionary that can best describe the love, care, affection, concern that we get from Parents. And I don’t think it is possible also. The love that they give us is so abundant that, we, as their children can’t figure out what to do in order to return to them for whatever they have done to us. This is natural everywhere. No matter how much we try to give them back, I don’t think seven or more lives are also enough for balancing things with whatever Parents give us. Nobody can clear the debt of his Parents love. A Parent's love is whole no matter how many times divided.

But this doesn’t mean that one should stop loving and caring for his/her Parents. Love towards parents has to be unconditional. But sometimes we take our Parents for granted. We never even bother to peep into their hearts and feel what they are feeling. They dream for us, but still they don’t expect anything in return. Even if we are bad, even if we have hurt or troubled them, they will always keep saying to themselves “My baby is the best baby”.

Sometimes we even go to the extent of blaming our parents for our failures saying, “My Parents didn’t allow me to do that, so I’m not successful”. We also do the terrible mistake of keeping a feeling within ourselves that our Parents are our obstacles. This is 250% wrong. If you aren’t successful, then, you are the cause of it and not some one else. Our success is only in our hands. What kind of children are we? We always want to enjoy our lives first. How much of responsibilities do we have? The number of responsibilities that we have is definitely not as much as our Parents have. Our responsibility is to take care of them in their old age and give them a good life as they are doing for us now. Our responsibility is to utilize whatever resources they have provided for us, and hit a level of life one day, that will bring tears to our Parent’s eyes. There will be no other moment as precious as the moment when your Mother and your Father have tears in their eyes when you have done extremely well in your life, let it be your personal life or your professional life. And that’s it!!! This is the only responsibility we have.

Is it that difficult compared to what our Parents do for us? The bottom line is only that, we need not wait for any miracle to happen by itself. Nothing can happen on its own. Something should be triggered to make it happen. Life cannot change within 1 hour, 2 hours or 24 hours or 6 months, a year or five years. Life changes…… in one second.

Monday, September 21, 2009

My First Love .....

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Dear Friends,

I've been writing a lot in every article of mine. I've still got loads to tell you. But this time it is not through words that I'm going to convey my message to you.

They say images and pictures speak more than words. I would love to spread to the world something that is extremely close to my heart. My first love, my talent. And obviously you can see what I'm talking about. Yes my Friends, this is what I am. I'm not going to describe these sketches because I want to you all to see only the sketches and nothing else around it. You can assume anything you want, these pictures have more than one meaning.....

This is not the end of it. What is shown above is just a small trailer of my work. If you wish to see the full picture, do pay a visit to my home ;D

Love You All..... :D

Friday, September 18, 2009

Relations don’t fail; it’s the people who do

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Every living thing has its relationship with some thing or someone. Every species has a feeling and thinking. Even the tiny ants have a capacity to think, feel and sense. A pet animal has a very intimate relationship with his/her owner. Among all the kinds of relationships that exist in this world, the human relationship is the closest one to all of us. It is the source for everything in this world. Nothing good is possible without an existing human relation. No human can survive in this world without making a single human relation.

This journey of relation building starts right from the moment a human being is born. The first relation that ever builds is the Mother-Child relationship. After which everything else follows. We ourselves are the makers of a relationship. It is only and only in our hands. Note that I said only “makers of a relationship”. If this is the case then why do most relations fail? The answer is that, relations don’t fail, but it is the people who fail. Let it be a parent-child relationship, a relationship between two friends, a relation between two siblings, a relation between a daughter-in-law and a mother-in-law ;-D, a relation between a husband and a wife or any other relation, it is only the people who matter.

The way the relationship is carried out is solely dependent on the people involved in it. If a relation fails, then it is the people who make it happen. No God should be blamed for any kind of failure. But it is this blaming nature in all of us that leads us to problems. We never accept our mistakes most of the times, be it small or big.

The biggest mistake we do with a mistake is,

1. We deny it
2. Ignore the mistake
3. Blame it on some body else.

Why do we fail to accept our mistakes? The answer is this worst problem called as EGO problem (Eliminating Growth Opportunities). Most of the times, our ego is the only cause for us to fail in relations. I call ego as a fast poison. If this is prevalent among us then it is hard to make a healthy relation. No doubt, arguments do take place between two friends, between parents and children, between siblings, between a husband and wife. But most of us make yet another mistake of trying to defeat the other person in the argument. We tend to compete with our own beloved ones. It is very true that one person has every right to prove that he is right in an argument. (If he/she is genuinely right) But it should not lead to hurting the other person’s feelings. Arguments need not be done by raising the voice and shouting and screaming out aloud, or throwing things away or on each other. It could also be done by keeping oneself calm and cool, with a charming smile on the face and talking with a polite voice. It might be difficult to smile and talk politely when we are arguing. Some of you may even think that, “Pratiba has gone crazy to write things like these.” But I have an answer even for this. It is difficult to smile when we are arguing, why? The answer is ANGER.

Anger is yet again another fast poison. I call it the child of EGO problem. Whenever our ego gets hurt, anger is triggered. But the difference between anger and ego is that, ego can’t be easily noticed, but anger is noticeable just by the actions and expressions of a person. In this context I would love to quote one of my favorite sayings about anger. It goes like this, “When anger rises, think of the consequences.” But the flaw in most of us is that, we never think when we are angry. The saddest part of this is that many friends, families and married couples have messed up their lives by not thinking about the consequences if at all they start a fight. It is normal if a fight or an argument takes place, but we should make it a point to settle the argument without hurting each other, at least by asking forgiveness or by a small hug. After all they are our beloved ones. I have seen in my own eyes that in the most pathetic way some people have failed in their relations and this makes me very sad too. I only pray that they have learn t from their mistakes and never repeat it henceforth.

Always remember that the more we are rude to somebody, the more our conscience gets hurt. If our conscience is hurt then our inner soul gets hurt. If our inner soul gets hurt then we will never give out our hearts to perform any duty. If this happens we will be all the more unhappy and frustrated. Hence the source of every failure in relations is ANGER, and the source of anger is the EGO problem. I think and I hope you have realized the message I’m trying to reveal. If you have ever hurt anybody, go and ask for forgiveness right now!!! You won’t lose anything. You won’t lose all your wealth. You won’t shrink to a smaller size. You only will gain an awesome feeling after you have done it. I repeat; do it right now!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's important to feel good ( ( ( (((GOOD))) ) ) )

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I request you to read this blog when you are free and in a relaxed mood. If you are in a hurry now, please don’t read it. It’s a humble request.

Many a times I’ve fallen into situations where I had to pay a lot for bringing negative thoughts in my mind. I could never figure out why this used to happen. The moment I doubt at something at a subconscious level it’s over. (Subconscious is the part of the mind which a human being is not fully aware of) I would have losses and only losses. Whichever thing I didn’t want to happen, it would happen without any delay. I used to think it is all the game of destiny. I thought that I don’t have any control on whatever is happening around me. I simply used to accept whatever came on my way. I used to even have the thought that may be God doesn’t like me.

But I was wrong :o. Few months back I got introduced to a new concept. At first I wondered “What is this? Is it a joke?” In fact I was very frightened when I came to know of it. I didn’t fully rule out the concept. But it was difficult for me to digest it at the first instance itself. Slowly I got accustomed to it and then came to know why things went bad for me at times. What I’m referring to is nothing but “Law of Attraction”. I don’t know how many of you know about this. Well, I came to know this exactly six months back. You can just type in these three words in Google. Don’t be surprised by the number of pages it displays. It is something that existed from the time when the universe was ready.

I want you to see this video before proceeding any further. Please be honest to yourself. See this video and then only read the next paragraphs. Don’t proceed reading this further without seeing the video.

Click Here For Video

If you have seen the Shahrukh Khan movie “Om Shanthi Om”, then I guess you even remember the famous one liner that Shahrukh keeps repeating throughout. “Agar kisi chiz ko dil se chaho to puri kaynath usko tumse milane ki koshish main lag jaati hai.” This is exactly what is called as “Law of Attraction”.

If you feel and love something wholeheartedly, if you want to have a successful personal life, successful professional life, or if you have goals to achieve, let it be anything, then the entire universe will correspond to your feelings. In simple terms, it only asks you to think positively about what you want. You will get your target provided you set your target “WHOLEHEARTEDLY”. We have heard several people around us say “Think Positive”, “Be Positive”, “Think Optimistically”, etc. But how many of us follow this? We don’t even know whether the people who tell us this follow it or not. All these phrases are nothing but Law of Attraction only.

Whether you believe it or not, whether you laugh at it, whether you take it lightly, whether you forget it, whether you follow it, it doesn’t care. It will keep working. Even when you are out of this world one day, it won’t stop! This law is a universal law. It is a continuous process. There is no stop button to it.

Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions. -Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

"All that we are is a result of what we have thought" – Buddha

Focus on being grateful for what you have already .. enjoy it!! Then
release into the universe. The universe will manifest it.

People think about what they don't want and attract
more of the same.

Are your thoughts worthy of you? If not - NOW is the time to change
them. You can begin right were you are right now. Nothing matters but
this moment and what you are focusing your attention on.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A smile on a sad face looks marvelous!!

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Smile:). It’s a jewel that anybody can wear, anybody. No matter how rich or poor they are or how good or bad they are. It doesn’t have any price attached to it. It is a freely available gift to anybody who is sitting near you.

Personally if you ask me I love “not to” gift anybody anything that is purchased from a shop as a ready made material. It is the worth of your relationship that is more important than a ready made gift. I know I know, you may feel a little awful when I’m saying this because most of us go for ready made stuff right? I would say, if there is any occasion wherein you have to give a gift to your friend, or parents or your brother-sister, just try making something out of the love you have got for your friend, parents and your dear ones. You will see the difference when you actually do this. Your gift need not be something fancy; I mean that you can do something else like prepare some good savory for your parents. In case of friends you can always gift them your time. That’s why they say “Time is precious”. People who are close to you and who genuinely love you and care for will not expect any “material things” from you. If they do, then, you should know what to do. (I ask forgiveness from people who own businesses dealing with gifts. I've no intentions of ruining your business. :) )

When it comes to giving a smile, I think one should closely concentrate on this because many of us, including myself, forget to smile at times. Sometimes we even get stingy to smile. A smile on a sad face looks marvelous!! Even if you are not good looking, or if you have broken teeth, don’t bother, genuine people will still love you and your smile:) Smile is the best gift that can be given to anybody. You can gift a smile even to old people. They really feel happy. It could be your grandparents or even probably when you travel in a bus or train etc, you could smile at an old person sitting beside you. Remember, they are more experienced than the youngsters like you and me. They have faced and seen things. Never take them for granted. Oh!! How could I forget? Even babies and children love your smiles. Most of them smile at you back. Even babies don’t stop smiling when they are happy. (It’s a different thing when they cry) There are many more things that we can learn from children. It is a rare moment when you smile at somebody and that somebody smiles at you back. For a moment you will have a kind of joy that is unusual. Imagine you keep continuing this. You will love the entire day. The tactic of smiling has saved many people from getting firing from bosses also. So another major advantage there also.

You have the full freedom to be ever smiling when you are all alone. It is also said that “If you smile when you are alone, it means that the reason behind the smile is genuinely real!!” (The quote goes something like this. Can’t remember where I saw it.) Right now as I am typing this, I am smiling. This is a blog on smile, so I have to smile. It’s a great feeling. You can try this too. Of course, smile at the right time. Unnecessarily smiling at things won’t match with the situation.

You will enjoy the benefits when you start smiling.  “A smile confuses an approaching frown. --Author unknown”. Quote taken from:

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Destiny bows its head when you start writing

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Never had I imagined that I had the ability to write unless I had accidentally done it. It so happened that I just shared a thought of mine in one of the websites of an organization. Shockingly it was appreciated. One of my very close friends and a critic of mine Rheana John suggested me to start a blog and lo…. it is here!!! What if I hadn’t taken an initiative to write at all?

I think we all have this ability in us. It just requires one to convert the thought directly into a sentence. There is no need to make it look very complicated by using a high level English. You can also write it in your own regional language. All you have to do is convert the thought into words which you will have to arrange in an order that will look like a beautiful necklace.

It so happens many a times in our life that the level of our frustration goes high and our patience goes low. At such a point of time some of us seek the company of our friends, some others seek the company of parents, and still some of them seek the company of God in holy places just to calm down the mind, some others have a beautiful habit of writing down in diaries.

I write it down in my diary too. This diary of mine is open to the entire world. Anybody can see it. :D What you are seeing right now is my diary. I have so much of attachment with this blog that it has become my best friend now. If I have to share something my blog comes to know it first before anybody else does. I don’t know how many of you understand it. It may seem a little awful. (For some) You can say I’ve got addicted to blogging. (In a positive way)

Once the mind knows that the thoughts are conveyed to someone close to the heart a wave of calmness passes through the mind. If, you write your thoughts somewhere (may be a diary), it no longer remains a thought. It gets converted to a fact or a truth. You keep reading through it again and again and this will make the thought stronger and stronger. Once the thought becomes stronger you will be forced to act according to your thought. Once you start acting as your thoughts you are automatically creating a destiny for yourself. The point here is that we all depend on the lines on our palms to know what our destiny is. Many a times I’ve come across people saying, “I don’t have any tension I have wealth written on my hands”. I only want to tell them one thing that, “A person who doesn’t have hands also has a bright destiny!! How will that person see his/her future?” Isn’t it right somehow? If babies don’t attempt to walk, they will forever remain crawling. If people don’t work towards their goals they will remain far behind.

I’m not saying that everyone should start writing blogs, poems etc... etc… But at least one should write down stuff in a personal diary. It has a genuine impact on the destiny. This is what I believe and I wish everybody believes…….

♠♠♠ “Keep a diary, and someday it'll keep you.” -- Mae West
♠♠♠ “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.” -- Oscar Wilde

Friday, September 4, 2009

Volcanoes and Opportunities erupt at any time

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“Effective people are not problem-minded; they’re opportunity-minded. They feed opportunities and starve problems.” —Stephen Covey

I came across this little one liner while browsing through the Internet and immediately, in a fraction of a second, I decided that my next blog shall be based on “Embracing Opportunities”.

It has been a wonderful journey for me, till now, as a kid, as a daughter, as a sister, as a friend, as an artist and of course as a student. Every day the main aspect that I look out for is “opportunity”. This habit of mine has helped me out many a times and gifted me some moments that I always dream t of. Thanks to my Father, from whom I inherited this habit. Whenever I felt that the chance that I have in my hand is worth exploiting, I never looked back.

It’s always said any opportunity, whether big or small has to be always welcome. There’s a favorite saying of mine from Shiv Khera’s “You can win”, “Opportunities are easier recognized when they are leaving rather than they are coming”. So true it is. We can’t afford to complain about flaws of any beautiful chance that comes on our way that will be for our benefit. Yet we do it. Complaining has naturally always been a favorite activity of all human beings. Looking at the benefits of an opportunity is a Winner’s perception, whereas looking at the negatives of an opportunity is a Loser’s perception. People even go to the extent of seeing the risks involved, although, the risks are not very crucial ones as the one that I will be mentioning now. Winners always see the positive side of everything. But every loser can get himself/herself converted to a winner. It just requires a “little” bit of thinking, introspection and a replacement of “Los” with “Winn” (Loser – Winner)

I would say life is also an opportunity. Agree? There will be both negative aspects as well as positive aspects. Agree? We won’t mind taking the positive aspects, but we are surely frightened of the negative aspects. We don’t even know when we are going to leave this world. It may happen at any time, a year later, a month later, a week later, a minute later, or a second later. It’s not even guaranteed for how long we are going to live. It is so ridiculous. Still we live our life, right? My question is, isn’t this a biggest risk of all? Do we ever sit quietly at home just because we can die at any time?

If this is not a risk then the problems that come with opportunity is 250% NOT A RISK at all! In fact “Every problem comes with another opportunity”, which means take an opportunity and get more opportunities for free :) This is essential, since all you Winners out there will have dreams of your own. Let it be any dream, may be getting a good job, setting up a business, owning a company, having a good family life, or anything else, I’m sure if you keep your eyes open, I guess you will find something shining from somewhere around the corner.

The bottom line is nothing, but, to be alert!! A volcano can erupt at anytime or an earthquake can happen in any place.

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