Sunday, August 2, 2009

My First Blog..!!!!

Posted by Pratiba Bhat at Sunday, August 02, 2009

I was feeling very low when things didn't happen as I wanted it to be. I really was frustrated. A thought just strikes to me. I didn't want to forget this thought because it really motivated me when I dug deeper into it. I wanted to write this down somewhere and I felt, why not share it with you through a blog.

The thought went like this……

Just imagine you are not a very good cook. But still you tried preparing something. You tasted it and felt that it actually is really good. It tastes more or less the same as the one you had eaten in your favorite restaurant. You share it with your friends and family too. What happens? Everybody says that it’s horrible. They start criticizing you. Your Mom may even scold you for wasting so many ingredients on it.

Some of us might have faced this situation. Not necessarily while cooking, but, may be while you are trying to make somebody happy and something opposite happens. I know some of us will not take it to our hearts or we may not become that serious. But a small spark of sadness might have come to you for at least one second.

The same things happen to God also. You believe, I believe, the entire world believes that God created all of us. When we criticize ourselves, aren’t we criticizing God’s creation? God feels a little bad. I’m not claiming that criticizing yourself is very bad. We have to accept our weaknesses. But the point is, don’t criticize or underestimate yourself when you are really good. Once you hurt God, He will not listen to your prayers until you apologize and promise him that you won’t do it again.

I know this may sound very child like. But just think friends, why do our days go bad when we complain about ourselves or our surroundings? Isn’t it because we are attracting more of negativity while complaining? Hold your thoughts for a while and check what you are thinking. Recall the ways in which you have attracted problems only because of negative thinking.

Friends I would say “FEEL GOOD WHEN THINGS GO WRONG ALSO”. I know this sounds foolish. How can a person stay happy when things go wrong? The answer is that it comes only by practicing. I used to struggle a lot initially. Now, slowly I am getting a hang of it. It's results are visible to me. And I don't need to prove it to people. Trust me my friends. The problem is that we do not try different things, and that's why we miss out gaining certain wonderful moments which we always deserve. This may still sound foolish to some, but I would love to conclude by the saying of an amazing personality who life is a perfect example for everybody out there.

As said by Mr. Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple ( See videos on the side bar ) "STAY HUNGRY STAY FOOLISH....!!!"


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