Sunday, August 30, 2009

Don't care if people stare at you

Posted by Pratiba Bhat at Sunday, August 30, 2009
"Don't give a damn care whether people stare at you or not, because if you are a celebrity I think they should see you." -Er. Sujit Lalwani Sir

This is the best line that has been quoted by Er. Sujit Lalwani Sir when it comes to talking about the ever dangerous disease i.e. “What will they think about me?” According to me this disease is much more dangerous than the AIDS, cancer, tuberculosis or I can mention even the swine flu… ;-). Most of us have this problem which probably will be unknowingly the biggest reason why we don’t succeed in what we want to actually achieve in life. This applies to me also. Even I face this problem quite a number of times. I haven’t got over this so called “disease” but yes, I am working on it.

Oh my God it’s been a very tough thing to overcome. I was a person who used look left-right-up-down-front-back whenever I was supposed to do something different. I used to always worry “What will people around me think about me?” Such an over cautious girl I was!! Thank God I realized that being over conscious or over cautious brings disaster in life…: D very soon in my earlier days itself. I feel bad that I didn’t realize this still earlier than this.

The point here is that when people make fun of us or people pull our legs we feel very bad. Isn’t it? It hurts us a lot. Somewhere in our hearts we feel a pressure that takes time to come back to normal. But I would say that when people pull our legs, it should be happiest moment of our life. Want to know why? That’s because people who pull our legs are the people who are on our feet. Look where they stand and where we stand. We only have to say to them, “God bless you.”

I can see it in my college itself. The student wants to study. But he/she doesn’t open the book because he/she is worried that his/her friends or classmates will make fun. I would say, at the most those friends will tag the studying boy/girl as a nerd. At the most they will go and say it to everybody in their class. At the most the entire college will come to know that he/she is a nerd. At the most, nothing serious can happen to that boy/girl. It always depends on the way we take the insults. It’s only by the stones thrown at us that we can build walls which will guard us for a life time.

I haven’t mastered over this concept. As I’ve already mentioned that I’m still working on it. I’m writing this only for myself, because I get motivated when I motivate others. This will make me stronger than the person who I was yesterday.


Rheana John said...

Amazing!..more than a thought provoking one..its an action setting!!:) go ahead in life!!:)

Pratiba Bhat said...

Thank you so much ma'am :)

Anonymous said...

Nice one dear... :)

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